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November 2020

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Retire early, vacation, relax, live better on less in many Asian countries: your hard currency will often buy you more. Find the best and cheapest places to live in the tropical warmth of Asia, learn how to increase your income in 2020 and beyond.

Southeast Asia has pristine beaches, mountains, lakes, islands, warm seas, lush greenery, fine weather, friendly people, great food, cheap shopping – and a host of new life opportunities. What more could one ask for? This is what expats living in the best Asian locations experience daily.

Ideal places to retire for most will be where it's cheaper to live as comfortably or better than as now, but spending less. Enjoy a happier, more relaxed life in Southeast Asia!

The definition of 'retirement' has changed; rather than leaving the regular 'day job' it is more about personal and financial freedom. It means being in a position of control in your life, having fulfilled most if not all of your obligations to others: employers, governments – and younger family members. The act of 'retiring' should mean being able to focus more on YOURSELF – as well as, if needed, to find ways to earn extra money. Shouldn't you be able to retire young and healthy enough to enjoy the things that YOU still want to do – yet still generate new income?

Knowing what money you have and what you are spending are more important today than ever. There are retirement calculators and more here. Taking control of your future may also require some significant changes. In order to achieve happiness and also preserve your wealth, some courage is required; it may not be easy to do this in your present environment or location. Therefore, be prepared to travel in search of a better place to live than the one you are just existing in now; of the many popular retirement locations available around the world there are many in Asia – possibly because there are over 40 Asian countries and territories to choose from! And there are plenty of good deals for getting and staying there if you want to just take a look first.

Retirement abroad in a year-round warm climate with lower cost of living sounds attractive, doesn't it? An early, cheaper, more comfortable retirement – and not just 'survival' – can be yours in 2020, even with limited resources, if you live part or all of your time in Southeast Asia. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia & Bali, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are not only exotic places to visit, they are suitable for long or regular holidays as well as possibly some of the best foreign retirement locations anywhere.

As a visitor thinking of a future move to Asia, you can get the feel for life as an expat by going on holiday first.

Beaches such as the stunning White Beach at Boracay, Philippines seen below.

Boracay, Visayas, Philippines White beach

Apart from the warmth and hospitality of most Asian people, especially an Asian partner, how about Asian cuisine? Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian and Indian delicacies as well as 'fusion' dishes are probably among your favorites already. There are so many different eating experiences available all over Asia and they're mostly better (certainly the food is more authentic) than that served at many foreign-located Asian food restaurants. Living in Asia, you will get the real thing!

Check out the best deals and make bookings for flights and/or hotels and beach resorts in Asia – or anywhere else – right here:

If you cannot live well on what you earn, then live where you spend less! You could move to a country where your money buys more and you can live cheaper and better in 2020 and thereafter!

The best places to retire early, retire younger, no matter whether you are young and single, middle-aged or retired already, are in the tropics of Southeast Asia. Get out of the rat race, save money or earn more. Do both! Enjoy a new lifestyle, make local contacts and perhaps begin a friendship with an Asian before you visit in person. Many westerners meet and end up marrying Filipina (women from the Philippines). There are some compelling reasons for this.

 Do you have enough or should you be earning more
ewen-chia-autopilot-profitsright now, or for your future retirement? Are you already working two jobs or overtime to pay bills and taxes? There are many other sources of extra income to consider. You might take a look at a way to start making money online.

 How about the climate?
Whether or not it's global warming or natural climate change, much of North America and Europe suffer unpleasantly long, cold, miserable winters. Most of Southeast Asia has no 'real' winter. Except in higher elevations where nighttime temperatures can drop to below freezing, all you can expect are some cool evenings and crisp early mornings around the end of the year in the north of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, but little or no cold weather in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Are you suffering or expecting another awful winter in your home country? Get some hints for living comfortably in the tropics and compare the temperature and current weather in popular SE Asian locations compared to, say, London, New York or San Francisco!

 What about your financial future?  
Are your plans still 'on track' in spite of the continuing indecisions in the markets? Will your pension or retirement plan provide enough? These are valid concerns for most of us. Will you have to sell your house to survive, or will it be taken from you? Start now and you will have not only more options but could retire with enough money in 5 years. The US and other stock markets can provide extra income for the savvy investor. There may also be opportunities in the place you choose to live in Asia.

A new life in Southeast Asia would allow you to experience a lifestyle that most people only dream about, and at probably far lower cost than where you live now. Many foreigners from the West are already living or retired in SE Asia.

Thousands of American ex-military personnel have chosen to retire in the Philippines. Brits, Australians and others love the Indonesian island of Bali, not only to retire in Bali; some start a business in Bali too.

Many different nationalities also make their second or retirement homes in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian locations.

 Your dollar, pound and euro will buy more in Asia!
Cheaper places to live, cheaper food and drink means you can retire on less money or retire young enough to fully enjoy life. Depending on where you choose to live, your current resources and foreign income can often buy 5 to 10 times more than in the USA, Canada, most of Europe and Australasia. Property purchase, lease or rental, domestic services such as cooking, housekeeping and gardening (quite the norm in many locations) and high quality medical care in several countries of Southeast Asia can be incredibly cheap compared to what you're used to – not to mention the lower prices of food and drink in your home.

Don't forget eating out and both day and nighttime entertainment – especially if you are single – and outdoor activities! In quantity, quality and variety, there are places in South East Asia that have it all in abundance – places you are welcome to enjoy all year.

 So many great locations to live, work and retire in Asia! 
Being the world's largest continent of 17 million square miles and with the highest population of over 4 billion, there's still plenty of space in Asia! How much do you know about Asia and its forty countries and many popular locations?

To get your geographical 'bearings', click on the interactive map above to reach our Asia Destinations page, with its map of the whole region and its countries. Here you can get comprehensive visitor information for all the countries of Asia. See where Southeast Asia is; this is the tropical area where most Westerners feel comfortable and the main reason so many of us choose SE Asia as our retirement location.

Choosing the best places to retire in Asia or live in different parts of the world for part of the year, is a personal matter, and reasons are many and varied. However, there should be somewhere to suit everyone, in whatever financial situation or for personal preference. Popular Southeast Asia locations include the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia including Bali, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar) and East Timor. They're all different and each contributes something to the magic of South East Asia. Visit our pages with useful information for visitors and potential retirees. See the menu on the left.

In many of these places, expatriates can find safe communities with friendly people and a much lower cost of living, yet with the most if not all of the necessities and comforts of home. With discount airlines offering cheap flights to Asia it's now possible to travel between these countries and beyond to India and the Middle East, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and even the west coast of North America.

 Does this all seem like a far-off dream?
No way! Most countries of South East Asia have developed their facilities and communications, such as mobile phone and internet access. With constantly improving technology, maybe already better than what you're used to in your home country. However, Asian culture, traditions and a more serene approach to life still remain, especially once you're outside the major cities.

This can be your life too, and with plenty of extra time on your hands, if you need to, instead of using your laptop or tablet only to browse the web, see photos or read and send emails, you could also earn extra income while living in Asia – with less effort or stress than it takes now. Enjoy working or relaxing when you feel like it! Take back control of your time and your life. That's what 'retirement' is – or should be – all about.

 Live the best part of your life in an exotic location in Asia.  
You could retire early and live in Asia in 2020; not only more cheaply but more happily too. Explore new places, play golf on beautiful courses, play tennis, swim, dive, surf, sail, earn money online or just relax on a beach or by a pool – and yes, with that iconic image of an umbrella cocktail in your hand, as you see in many ads for exotic locations!

Visit our Before You Move page and also check out some of the other topics on the side bar menu on the left. Make flight, accommodation, visa and travel insurance arrangements – whether you are flying from the USA, UK, الشله or other country.

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Live or Retire Cheaper in Asia

Check the sidebar menu for the many topics Retire Asia covers

Frommer's Guides likes us! In their Tips for Seniors (Southeast Asia) they write "More and more seniors are considering Southeast Asia as a retirement destination. If you fall into this category, take a look at Retire-Asia.com, a highly informative website by a British expat living in the region. Although geared toward those considering a move there, it also has some of the most up-to-date nuts-and-bolts travel information available online".

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