Make Money Without Trading

It's all too easy to lose money trading forex or stocks, as anyone who does it knows. But there's an alternative, risk-free way to become a consistent 'market winner', even become wealthy, whether you trade or not.

Becoming an associate, partner or affiliate for brokers, publishers and others in two-tier, second and multi-tier affiliate programs is easy. Unlike market trading itself, there's little if any overhead (COST) and NO RISK OF LOSS.

Losses, Costs and Overheads of Currency Day Trading

Even long-time forex traders experience losses from trades that 'go the wrong way'.  No one wins all the time. But the biggest victims are forex beginners who lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars every day; it's often money they can't really afford to lose. Forex can be expensive, and I found out the hard way myself (see below).

Most software and online programs for forex (foreign currency pair) trading are free to use, and forex brokers do not charge commission, but with 'spread' they earn income from every trader entry winning or losing.  Stock brokers and banks do charge commission or fees on share purchases and sales. If you already know how the markets operate, but no longer want to lose more than you gain, then read on for an exciting and potentially lucrative alternative to trading. It's a business that virtually anyone can do anywhere.

All it requires is a bank account that can receive foreign payments. If you don't have one and would like to open a free bank account in the USA, even if you live somewhere else, then there's a solution to that problem here.

Also, if you're unfamiliar with forex trading, here is a brief summary of how it works:

Becoming an Affiliate or Partner for Forex, Stocks, Options and other market trading programs is free and it's easy to sign up

Read our Beginners page for the basics of affiliate marketing.

Forex and stock traders and others already with web-based businesses have discovered an easy and effective way to reduce trading losses (or increase profits) by offsetting the broker spread or commissions on other types of trading. They have joined forex affiliate programs. Forex brokers, as well as forex and stocks product publishers, (of books, training courses and software programs) pay high commission for trading account signups, product purchases and service subscriptions. Some brokers pay a portion of their own trading profit made from customers introduced by their affiliates.

To become a trading affiliate it is not necessary to become a forex or stock trader yourself, or be very knowledgeable about trading, just try to write as if you are, using information from other sources! It does help to have a basic understanding of how the markets work, and the easiest way to learn forex trading is by opening a free demo account with one of the dealers like ForexYard or eToro (they both have great affiliate programs - see below).

There are other programs and products besides forex. Stock trading, futures, commodities and options trading with books, systems programs, signals services and training courses, paying 30-40% or more commissions, and some with payments that recur each month. Commissions for these products range between $50 and $1,000 or more per sale.

How difficult is it with limited or no trading or marketing knowledge?

Don't learn to profit from forex and stock trading the hard way, as I did!

About two years ago, after convincing myself over a few weeks that forex trading was a way to easy money and how wrong I was I started making thousands of dollars on with demo or 'paper' trading accounts. Feeling superbly confident, I then borrowed $500 from a friend to open a live trading 'mini' account with a broker. If I made money I would share it with my friend! Alas, apart from making a bad choice of dealer/broker, I blew the account within one month. In spite of learning a lot since then, I have yet to fund another trading account or trade again; neither do I trade stocks, futures or options. Why? For me it's a bit too complicated and I don't like the risk. 

What I did learn, however, was that there is an exciting way of earning considerably more than I was ever likely to from trading the markets - and without the risk of loss.

There are forex and share traders who will take the time and effort to learn well, persevere and eventually become successful by paying for good products and training and by following the rules. In the not too distant future, some of them could even be your 'customers' (but they won't even know it) as well as the many more who try but still won't make it for various reasons. These are people who should consider becoming marketing affiliates instead! Which group do you want to be part of?

9 Broker, Dealer, Publisher Affiliate Trading Courses, Market Services and Programs to Join

Forex Broker and Dealer Affiliate Programs

(1) eToro is a forex broker with its own proprietary trading platform. With this program it's possible for an affiliate to earn money virtually every day. It may not be a fortune but it starts adding up as you are paid for free signups and also revenue share from trading. This is a good forex affiliate program to start with because you not only learn to trade forex live (useful to know what you're promoting!), eToro actually GIVES YOU $50 IN REAL MONEY to trade with when you download their software. Plus you earn healthy commissions from introducing eToro to others as it is a multi-level system up to 5 tiers.

eToro has trading platforms in 10 languages, so you can use excellent material to promote their web site in English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic or Chinese!

Learn more and join the eToro affiliate program. It costs nothing.

(2) FOREX AFFILIATE is EASY-FOREX's referral program

As of July 2008, although it's possible to earn money from their program, we no longer feel comfortable promoting Easy Forex; there is a legal issue pending and moves by former clients to expose the Cyprus-based but Israeli-run operation, as a scam.


(3) A relatively new forex dealer showing promise is ForexYard. I joined in May as an affiliate and am already seeing some results; they pay from $100 to $300 per new customer sign up. Their trading platform and the ForexYard site displays in 11 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese); the program offers 2nd tier commissions too. Join the ForexYard affiliate program:

Forex/Stock Trading Publishers and others with good Affiliate Programs

Here are some other recommended publishers and programs for forex, stocks and options trading products and courses. They all have partner or affiliate programs you can sign up for. There is no cost involved. Click on a link or banner and find out how to become one of their affiliates. There is nothing to buy and an excellent chance of earning extra income from the market trading industry. Follow links to Partners or Affiliates, register for free and start earning money!

If you're already a trader yourself, increase your profits or reduce your losses at the same time! If you're still keen to trade, you might consider buying some of them for yourself, but note that you can't usually buy something through your affiliate link to save money from the commission.

(4) Bill & Greg Poulos of Profits Run Inc. have great products which sell well, and they pay high affiliate commissions. This is the most lucrative affiliate program I have found and I joined almost two years ago.

In March they launched a brand new training course related to ETFs. Even if that means nothing to you, believe me it was worth doing a little homework (the free copy of the program also helped!) in order to make considerable commission from selling this $2,000 program; I even earned a $400 bonus for selling more than 5 copies!

There are new products in the pipeline for release during 2008. See below.

Profits Run Affiliates

Join the main Profits Run affiliate program


Quantum Swing Trader
Quantum Swing Trader from Profits Run is an expensive stock
trading course that sells out quickly every time it's released.
There is huge potential income achievable by promoting
and selling this and their other trading products.
Join up today - free!

In July the sellout Forex Profit Accelerator is being re-launched. Sign up to promote FPA through the affiliate link:


Join the Profits Run affiliate program


(5) Options University invites you to sell their full range of high quality products, courses, seminars and training material for options traders (even if you don't know an 'option' from an 'adoption' you can sell these courses!) to sell on commission at high rates. In May they announced a new section for forex trading, so there will be new products to sell in the future.

Learn more, then join the Options University affiliate program or just go direct to the affiliate registration page.

Options University

November 2007 saw the release of Options University's new Strategist service. The affiliate program is well worth joining, with payouts of over $1,000 per sale. Get full details of the Options University Strategist Affiliate Program.

(6) Netpicks is also well known for its trading courses and services. Successful product launch campaigns for their Universal Market Trader and Ultimate Trading Machine programs have proved very lucrative and there's the extra benefit of recurring commissions for their subscription services. Join the Netpicks Affiliate Program.

Netpicks image

(7) produces software that allows traders to easily keep track not only of their trades, but also their comments and thoughts when entering and exiting them. It generates reports so that traders can refine and improve their techniques - and so become more profitable. It sells well and the affiliate program for OTrader is here.

(8) Gann Global Financial offers an Affiliate Program with monthly recurring commissions from subscribers to their monthly service. Join this multi-tier program by clicking below.

Gann Global


(9) Added in June 2008 was They have several options for affiliates joining their program and a whole range of products and services to sell.

FXCASH.COM Affiliate Program

Can you take more good news?

As you will see when you join, some of the above programs are described as "two tier, second tier (2nd) or multi-tier" affiliate programs. This means that if others sign up under you, you will earn commission from their sales too (usually 10%), for as long as they keep doing it. Inviting others to sign up can earn you extra money for doing virtually nothing and the publisher pays, not you.

Remember that all administration and commission payments are managed securely and automatically by the publishers and affiliate programs. You don't have to do anything except monitor your performance statistics and earnings to see how much you are due to be paid. There's nothing sweeter than waking up each morning and checking to see what you made while you were asleep or partying the night before!

Start earning residual income and/or reduce your forex trading losses with virtually no outlay. Just a little effort can make you hundreds (even thousands) of extra dollars within weeks there's no upper limit.

What to do now?

  • Start your affiliate marketing education if you're new to this exciting and lucrative business which can be done by anyone in almost any country. See our Beginners page too for an introduction.

  • Check out and join some of the forex affiliate programs above, There's no reason not to join them all! In our opinion, Profits Run has the most potential. eToro if you don't know much about forex or marketing  yet.

  • Decide who you're going to target as customers and how: by building and emailing your list gleaned from your website or blog readers, writing and publishing articles or reviews, classified ads, paid advertising such as Google AdWords, or directly from relevant website pages, blogs or social networking groups.

Google AdWords Made Easy (pdf)
There's a lot of information about AdWords and how to use it on the Google site. However, Google is more concerned about lining its shareholders' pockets than yours and it's easy to spend a lot of money on AdWords and make nothing from it!

Here's a free gift from me which you can download. Google AdWords Made Easy is an 85-page guide (pdf) from internet marketing guru Brad Callen which shows you step by step how to get the best out of AdWords.


  • The results of just mentioning your successes with forex or share trading on your blog or website (with your affiliate link embedded in the text) will surprise you.

Prepare yourself for an exciting way of earning
regular income online, starting TODAY!




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