The "Key" to AdSense & AdWords is Keywords.

There's little doubt that Google's AdWords and AdSense programs are the easiest ways to earn income over the  internet but your choice of keywords is absolutely critical. "Keyword Country" is a minefield both gold and bombs!

To "Beat Adwords" means to get the best results possible from AdWords and AdSense by beating the competition and beating Google's ways of controlling webmasters and advertisers, to get maximum return from your campaigns.

There are hundreds of guides, manuals and ebooks on Google AdWords and AdSense being promoted now. Many of them are virtually worthless. Publishers make their income from promoting these guides through affiliates. Thousands of marketing affiliates make money from selling them. Affiliate marketing, Google AdWords and AdSense go hand in hand in what has become known as "Keyword Country".

The Key to Keywords IS KeywordCountry

Web page marketing is all about keywords. These are exactly what they imply: the key words or phrases that define a page's content and draws the attention of search engines and web directories. This is what brings visitors (traffic) and sales.

There are several popular keywords programs like WordTracker, Keyword Elite and AdSense Accelerator, but KeywordCountry is the only one that doesn't limit you to only High Paying Keywords. KeywordCountry gives you access to:

* High or

Try KeywordCountry absolutely FREE!

If you are unfamiliar with the basics of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising programs such as Google AdWords, and CPC (cost-per-click) like Google AdSense, then get a quick 'run down' further down this page. Anyone who can send $5 to Google can start doing it. You do need a bank account and credit or debit card to open an Adwords account, though. But just 'doing it' is absolutely no guarantee of success. You will also need professional help to get a head start and there is a lot of competition out there. But how do you choose where to get it?

"Beating Adwords" is the title of one of these guides and it has helped many (including ourselves) along the way to some internet success, if not riches! It is a good product and if you are still convinced from reading reviews that it's the best, then by all means buy the latest Version 4.0.

While Adwords Killer is for intermediate and more advanced marketers, it's ideal for beginners too, as there is a separate "Fast Beginner Action Mini Guide" which explains far better than Google themselves, how to use Adwords effectively right from the word go, using Clickbank products for example. It shows you step-by-step how to create your first Adwords ad, and avoiding the easily-made (and often expensive) mistakes that Google glosses over or leaves out altogether. After all, they want as much of your money as possible, as well as their cut of the advertiser's income too. This then is your first step to 'beating Adwords'.

The 15-page Mini Guide has chapters on Setting Up and Editing a campaign, Choosing Keywords and Price Bidding, and 'Split Testing'. This sets beginners up nicely to start learning and leads into the 'Killer techniques' contained in the main manual, which will be periodically updated free for purchasers. Google Adwords is not 'static'. There is also a private member's forum with a wealth of extra hints from the author Will Halliburton (and direct email support from him if you need it) and tips from Adwords Killer users. Purchase entitles you to free, unlimited membership to the site and resources. There is really nothing more you need to run successful Adwords campaigns.

The Adwords Killer manual itself is comprehensive and contains chapters on:

and more, including a keyword list and special bonus: "The Lazy Man's Cash Trick".

It takes some time to digest it all, although the information is crammed into less than 70 pages. Although everything is explained clearly, there is a lot to take in and several readings are recommended. Then one by one, choose a section and learn the secrets that the 'gurus' hope you never come across. You can take the 'food' from their mouths too!

There is practically no way that you can fail to earn more money from internet marketing through Google Adwords if you have a copy of the Adwords Killer Guide, and implement just some of the strategies contained in it. There's a money back guarantee if you do!

To sum up I am impressed with the whole product and support package. The manual is well written, the explanations and examples clear, concise and easy to follow, by beginner or expert alike. It is an invaluable resource for any serious internet marketer using Google Adwords as a primary source of income. If you aren't already, then you should be.

You can download your copy of the Adwords Killer and be reading it in minutes. Secure payment by PayPal or credit card. You also get free unlimited membership to the private forum.

If you're new to marketing and want or need to know more ...

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google

Online advertising advanced significantly when contextual advertising was introduced by Google with their AdWords and AdSense pay-per-click member services. Overture (now part of Yahoo, and being revamped into a new campaign) and others have followed suit, but Google is still the most popular. Adverts appear every time you use Google Search, or view the thousands of web pages that display Ads by Google.

'Ads by Google' appearing anywhere on a web page are AdWords members' ads, being displayed by AdSense members.

AdWords members are advertisers. They may be vendors, publishers, merchants or their affiliates. Anyone with or without their own web pages who wants to sell products or services over the internet. Web sites need a high turnover of daily visitors in order to sell products and services.

A word about affiliate marketing. Affiliates and sub-affiliates are those with few (or no) products of their own, but are prepared to pay to promote and sell others' products for a commission on sales. Automatic systems are in place to handle these transactions and payments. Vendors pay usually generous commissions to affiliates whose adverts generate sales for them. For them it's like a network of sales people who get paid only when they sell something. Everyone wins, and end users or consumers don't pay higher prices by buying through affiliates. They can decide who they will buy from by reading a review, comparing value-for-money for similar products and trust in their favourite supplier.

AdWords members pay monthly fees to have  adverts, in text or display ad format, displayed on AdSense members' web pages which contain relevant content and keywords to the product or service the AdWords member wants to promote and sell. The amount paid for this depends on many different parameters, factors and techniques, but it results in paying a certain amount (maybe a few cents) every time someone clicks on one of their advertisements, which are links to their own sites. They must pay even if the 'click' does not result in a purchase by a 'clicker' who pays nothing at all, unless he or she actually buys something from that site.

AdSense is free to join and members do  not pay any fees for having AdWords ads displayed on any of their pages. Joining AdSense and placing hidden 'scripts' and also embedding visible 'keywords' in the text of a page will automatically attract relevant AdWords advertisements into areas reserved for them on a particular page. AdSense members earn income by being paid by Google a portion of their AdWords members' payments.

Making the most of (and from) a Google AdWords Campaign
Google has a very complex system (another of their famous 'algorithms'!) for calculating whose ads are displayed where and when, payment and remuneration for their services. Even experienced AdWords members have limited understanding of the intricacies of getting the most exposure for the least amount of money. Their own instructions are quite comprehensive, but because Google's objective is to make money from EVERYONE who uses the internet, they don't give away all their secrets! They also make periodic changes which need to be monitored by professional web marketers.

AdWords can result in high monthly advertising costs, especially for new members. Therefore many web sites and publications are devoted to educating users how to get the most out of their AdWords campaigns for the lowest cost for the most exposure. It has always been something of a minefield and an internet marketing topic on its own. But buying a bogus or out of date product or service will result not only in even more unnecessary outlay and maybe even less income from your online advertising efforts. There are many offerings of this type of low value product.

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