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July 2020


Other ways of earning online income

Survey taking

You may have read that survey taking is a scam. This is not so, but neither is it a way to 'instant riches' as claimed by those who promote or review certain aspects of it in a favourable light. There are reasons for this. Much more money is earned by survey program resellers using an affiliate program, than from survey participation itself, but there's no reason not to do both.

Pay for 'insider secrets' of how to make a fortune from surveys and get access to the best survey opportunities. These are highly misleading claims, and many dispute them. There is no doubt, however, that their affiliates who sell on commission can make money. It's easy and cheap to start. $34.95 buys all the information and material. Working as an affiliate (instructions are included) allows you to sell these and other types of product on to others. You can of course make some money by taking surveys yourself if you wish. The best way to find out is probably risk the $34.95 for Survey Scout, ExpressPaidSurveys or PaidSurveysOnline and try it. You never know. disabled people disability-researchers. They all promise money-back guarantees if dissatisfied.

Surveys are free to take, either for cash payments or gifts. There are no registration fees, and no purchase is required, but you will need to pre-qualify one way or another. The income depends largely on how many surveys you complete and how much time you are prepared to spend taking them. Many people do it for fun, as well as picking up some useful extra cash or gifts. Here are more:

American Consumer Opinion
There are many legitimate organisations, though and one we can recommend from personal experience is American Consumer Opinion. If you are interested you can register for free.

Qualified Opinions
For Australian, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canadian residents, Qualified Opinions is an Australia-based supplier of public opinion to the international market research community. As such, they provide internationally renowned corporations access to consumer feedback on a diverse range of subject matter. Qualified Opinions exists because consumers agree to join their research community, can answer surveys online and be rewarded for their opinions. It's a great way for consumers to have their opinions heard and also be rewarded for the time they spend online answering important questions which assist companies in tailoring their products and services to meet the needs of today's ever evolving market place. You can join the Qualified Opinions Program here.

Forex Trading

You have probably read about foreign currency trading, as there is so much that has been written about it. It is a very popular online activity which has potential for income after receiving some advice and training by professionals. This need not be expensive, but without it, very few traders find success on their own. More people lose money with forex than make it. If you would like to start learning, visit our Forex pages, starting here.