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April 2016



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Google is an important tool for many internet marketers. Thousands of people have made and continue to make thousands of dollars some monthly, some weekly, some even daily using Google AdWords (you pay Google for clicks on your own ads placed on others' web pages and search engine results) and Google AdSense (Google pays you for clicks on others' ads that you display on your own web pages) marketing campaigns.


However, for every 'success story', there are ten or more people who lose money, break even or only make a few dollars here and there with internet or affiliate marketing businesses. Why should this be so?

There is a simple answer to this: the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE. Google provides their account holders/members with pages of instructions and suggestions for success with their programs, but their motives are not altruistic. They make their vast income from all advertisers not only the successful ones. For every dollar that a successful advertiser pays Google, the return on investment (ROI) is many times more; this comes from sales of their own products (vendors), or those they sell on behalf of others (affiliates). Google uses a portion of their advertising revenue to pay AdSense account holders for clicks on the AdWords ads. For some, again only the very few that have found the secrets to success, this can also be considerable revenue.

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As far as the website or blog goes, you have several options. Some are for people with little or no previous website or blogging experience and include free web building tools supplied with the hosting service. WordPress and Weebly are examples, although to become effective there may be an ongoing cost in addition to your standard hosting.

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