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Business on the internet – doing what's best for you

Deciding on a suitable business is a personal issue. You can draw on experience you have from other businesses, interests or even hobbies. You can also rely on the experience of others and merely follow instructions. There is no real need for prior business experience for many internet activities which can earn sometimes big money. There will be some effort involved, and success may not be instant, but you do not have to invest a lot of money to start a new internet business.

If a family member or friend produces a physical product or provides a service to the public, but has no knowledge or interest in promoting it over the internet, you can set it all up and take commission from sales. There are many programs that are specifically designed for earning money from others' (i.e. complete strangers) products or work. This is known as affiliate marketing and many 'ordinary' people with little or no previous business experience are doing this. The opportunities and income that can be earned are unlimited. Let's look into this a little further.

Earning income from others' products and web sites

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Generally known as Affiliate Marketing, many opportunities for earning income exist in the creation of web sites complete with content to promote and sell various products or services. This can be very lucrative. Companies like Google with their AdSense and AdWords campaigns and others like Clickbank have transformed the internet into a giant global market place, where apart from traditional buying and selling, importing and exporting tangible products world wide, it is now possible to sell (and resell) ideas and information too.

Free information abounds, but how does one know it's not just flannel? It's a good idea to do comparative searching to find out who is offering what, and for how much. This is what we are trying to do here for you by recommending genuine opportunities we have discovered – through trial and error too in some cases! It's often necessary to invest in inexpensive but worthwhile purchases. Once you see and begin to understand the concepts of business over the Internet, you will realise that you can often go on to resell these opportunities to others. This can be an extremely lucrative business, but success doesn't happen overnight.

Some study is required and for this it often speeds things up to pay a little for professional help to get started. It need not be expensive. Here is an all-in-one solution that if you like, takes the difficulty out of creating and hosting a web site. All the 'complicated stuff' is taken care of.

The truth about Google


Google is an important tool for many internet marketers. Thousands of people have made and continue to make thousands of dollars – some monthly, some weekly, some even daily using Google's PPC AdWords (you pay Google) and AdSense (Google pays you) marketing campaigns. On the other hand, for all those 'success stories', there are ten times more people who lose money, break even or only make a few dollars here and there with internet or affiliate marketing. Why should this be so?

There is a one word answer to this: KNOWLEDGE. Google provides their account holders/members with pages of instructions and suggestions for success with their programs, but their motives are not altruistic. They make their vast income from all advertisers – not only the successful ones.

For every dollar that a successful advertiser pays Google, their return is many times more – paid by sales of their own products (vendors), or those they sell on behalf of others (affiliates). A portion of those advertising dollars (by 'winners' and 'losers' is paid out as AdSense revenue.

For some, again only the very few that have found the secrets to success this can also be considerable. But the real winner in all this is Google themselves. They don't care whether you make money or not. Successful marketers know this and many are prepared to share valuable knowledge – for a price. And this is only right. Why should they give the information away? With the right information, correctly applied, it's relatively easy to get that investment back, and after that it's profit from there on – possibly for life!

In our opinion, getting a copy of the brand new Adwords Killer PPC Blueprint in late January was one of the best moves we ever made. It is without equal, and you can learn more about it here.

Google is likely to feature in your 'internet life'. Make money from them. Learn more on the next page.

Online survey taking has drawn controversy because there are some unscrupulous marketers who have taken advantage of a legitimate business and flog it as an easy way to make a lot of money. It does –but only for them. You can learn more by clicking on the link to our Online Survey Taking page.

Survey taking can certainly work. Do it right and you will earn money.

Forex trading already has an enormous following. It would appear to be the 'ideal home-based income earner'. No 'set-up' cost, no products to source or sell, no web marketing, no emailing customers, not even a web site. Best of all, you can learn how to do it and practice for free, without buying anything or risking one dollar of your own money – and for as long as you want.


What could be better than that? Well it's not quite as simple and straightforward a 'money-making machine' as it sounds but it can certainly have its rewards with good training and techniques. Get an introduction to Forex Trading starting here.

However you don't actually have to trade to make money from the markets.

How? By promoting Forex or Stock Trading products and being paid affiliate commissions. There are many forex and stock trading publishers who want you to promote them; you can earn thousands of dollars, pounds or euros and it needn't to cost you a cent!