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 Last updated:
July 2020


Web Pages and Building Your First Business Website

Firstly, each and every web page that forms part of a website needs unique content even if it's just a few lines to instruct visitors to go to another page or even a different web site altogether. It should also include 'navigation' or a menu that directs readers to other pages which may contain topical information you want to offer people (such as this one) or pages with details of various things you would like to sell. These could be your own products and also those of others. There are many different ways of doing business on the internet with websites or blogs, but more about that later.

Stop right here if you don't have the time or inclination to learn how to create your own web site from scratch, as there's quite a lot involved, especially if you have little or no previous experience and not a lot of spare time. Even more important is filling your pages with interesting content that provides a benefit to your readers.

anyone who wants to get into internet marketing and the potential of substantial passive online income should consider investing a small amount in a complete course offered by Chris Luck. His success is not just due to his (real) name. Click below:


Another option (far more involved) is SiteBildZ opened in 2013; it's a unique website building and money-making software which is free to try out.  See right  --->

 SiteBildZ 120x600 Banner 1

There are many different web site creation and editing programs available from Weebly, Kompozer or BlueGriffon (free) to expensive, complex programs like DreamWeaver. Some have more features and are more difficult to use than others. However, even the ones that claim to be easy and ideal for beginners still only provide a framework or template. None will give you content. Without content there will be no traffic (visitors searching for something to buy). Without 'monetization' there will be no income, even with traffic.

Fortunately, at a very affordable price is a complete system for making money online without most of the preparation and hard work. With More-Than-Templates you get a fully operating website, including content that immediately enables you to start earning money. It could look like the working examples below, but anything can easily be modified and you can later add new products and pages on any topic you choose.

Furthermore you can use the system to create an unlimited number of different-looking websites with a minimal amount of design and coding skills. Basically, you start by copying and modifying what's already there. Click the images below to see exactly what you get and how it all works.

Wealth Using The Net (your own website with minimal effort)

Visit Wealth Using The Net and you can learn how to have your own website up and running quickly. All you need is a domain name and server also cheap and easy to set up with a host like HostMonster or JustHost.

Site + Domain = Business!

The alternative learning to do it all yourself

Web pages need to be in a 'language' or format recognised by internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and many other programs. The most common language is HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). HTML pages can be produced very easily with software you most likely use already Microsoft Word for instance. There are many programs that will create a file with an '.htm' or '.html' extension. HTML pages can be edited 'manually' using a simple text editor like Notepad. However, there are complications such as style sheets (CSS) that provide great flexibility, but the learning curve can be steep, especially for beginners.

Besides text and images, web pages with style sheets can include all sorts of extra features, like animated graphics, sound files, even movies. Many programs or web sites provide pre-designed pages (templates) which can be changed to include your own information. Designing attractive well laid out web pages requires some skill and practice, so you can also consider paying someone to do it for you professionally or get the ready-made package as described above.

Secondly a web page has a unique name called a 'URL' uniform resource locator. This is what appears in the address box of your browser and usually starts with 'http://www.' followed by the name of the site, and the relevant page reference. This is often the 'url' or address of the site's 'Home Page' on the World Wide Web. By comparison, you probably already have a personal address for your email messages. If you use your own computer to connect to the internet, your 'host' or ISP (Internet Service Provider) may have provided this address for you. Or you may have created a free email address with a service like Hotmail or Yahoo, so you can send and receive emails from any computer.

A web site has a 'base address' known as the 'domain name'. This has an extension like .com .net .org and others. The first two are still the best ones to use, but it can be difficult to find a name that hasn't already been used and there are alternatives and variations you can choose instead.

Domain name registration is easy and inexpensive too now, costing less than $15 per year. It may even be less or included free and managed by your chosen hosting company. Domain names remain your personal property as long as you keep them registered in your own or a company name. Existing names can be bought from and sold freely by their current owners. Some people even do this as a business!


Web sites need a 'host' or 'server'. This service may be offered by your current ISP too, or you can choose from many others which can be located anywhere in the world. A host is a company that provides 'space' on its 'servers' which are powerful, high capacity computers. Their resources are sufficient to be shared by different customers, allowing fees to be much less than a few years ago. Larger operators may require 'dedicated servers' which will cost more. There are also free servers still available, but they may not always be reliable and limit what you can do with your web site. They are often 'teasers' with paid upgrade encouraged.

Today hosting multiple sites using an unlimited number of different domain names, with thousands of viewable pages, can be had for under $6 per month, with all the important features and support for webmasters included. Some include a free domain name of your choice (and annual renewal) with their plans. You can register as many additional domains as you want and run them from the same account at no extra cost.

But as far as your website is concerned, as recommended above, why not have most of the work (like 90%) done for you. For less than $150 you can have a full website a whole business in fact running with domain name and hosting paid for a year. After that renewing the hosting is under $7 per month with the above hosting companies. You can also see how OMG Machines helped me make money.

Visit Wealth Using The Net to learn more.

Google is likely to feature in your 'internet life'. If you know what you are doing, you can make money from them. Learn more on the next page.

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