Glossary for Forex & Stock Trading

Here is our comprehensively researched Forex, Stocks and other financial markets including ETFs (exchange-traded funds) online trading glossary, now expanded to three pages. If you're in a hurry jump right in:

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This is a lexicon or dictionary of abbreviations, acronyms, technical words, phrases, terms, jargon, lingo and slang used in stock broking and foreign currency trading online, by banks, fund managers, dealers, brokers, analysts, commentators, gurus, experts and financial market traders.

Forex and stock trading terms can be confusing, especially if English is not your first language! Online trading is popular all over the world now.

As with many other trades, professions and interest groups, a sub-language, slang or jargon has evolved over time. Terminology, definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, technical words or phrases and expressions are usually made up or taken from similarly related disciplines. The word 'forex' is itself an example, being a contraction of 'foreign exchange'.

Forex brokers, dealers, commentators and traders use many of the same words and phrases that have become the jargon of the 'money business' banking, finance, currency and stock market trading. Additionally there are nicknames for both currencies and currency pairs. The origins of some of these terms are sometimes uncertain. We include some possible derivations because we at Retire-Asia are active trading enthusiasts too. Some of these explanations are interesting or amusing and we add them to the list as we find them.

 Do you know what ETF, CHF, GBP, JPY and XAU stand for?

Where do strange names like cable, kiwi, loonie and pip come from?

What is 'spread' and what are 'candlesticks' for?

For example, what is 'currency'?

'CURRENCY' is the paper money (notes, bills or coins) issued by the government or central bank of a particular country and in current use. It is the legal medium of exchange and trade for that country. Many world currencies can be exchanged between foreign countries for trade or other purposes. Foreign currency exchange is what Forex is all about.

See more stocktrading and currency-trading and related terms in the pages that follow. You will also find on the side panels books, free courses and other recommend offers.

Our pages on Forex Introduction, Stock Trading including ETF and Options Trading will give you a basic idea of how the money markets work and how trading can now be done easily at home without large capital holdings.

If you're reading this page on your mobile phone, you can trade too! See Mobile Forex Trading on Page 2.

The trading glossary is now divided into 3 pages

Because it keeps getting longer and more comprehensive, our glossary is now spread over three pages, with terms and references listed in alphabetical order:

Page 1:  A to C

Page 2:  D to M

Page 3:  N to Z

Enjoy - and more importantly, learn how to trade
forex properly before you lose money!

Forex Trading Introduction
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Stock Trading

Options Trading

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