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Alternatives to Forex Trading

Stocks Futures and Options Trading

Stock, futures, options and 'swing' trading are also popular, and many of the principles and strategies are similar to forex trading, but the approach is somewhat different. Some people may be better suited to stock and futures trading than forex.

Here's a training course integrated with a universal market trading system recently released (and currently sold out) enabling traders to successfully trade in the forex, stocks and futures markets simultaneously. It's called the NetPicks Universal Market Trader and you can get more information on our page here.

By definition "future trading" involves a standardized, transferable, exchange-traded contract that requires delivery of a commodity, bond, currency, or stock index, at a specified price, on a specified future date. Unlike options, futures convey an obligation to buy, but there are ways to circumvent this and trade on a 'day trade' basis. The risk to the holder is unlimited, and because the payoff pattern is symmetrical, the risk to the seller is unlimited as well. Dollars lost and gained by each party on a futures contract are equal and opposite. In other words, futures trading is a zero-sum game.

Futures contracts are forward contracts, meaning they represent a pledge to make a certain transaction at a future date. The exchange of assets occurs on the date specified in the contract. Futures are distinguished from generic forward contracts in that they contain standardized terms, trade on a formal exchange, are regulated by overseeing agencies, and are guaranteed by clearinghouses. Also, in order to insure that payment will occur, futures have a margin requirement that must be settled daily.

Finally, by making an offsetting trade, taking delivery of goods, or arranging for an exchange of goods, futures contracts can be closed. Hedgers often trade futures for the purpose of keeping price risk in check.  Also known as a futures contract. Get Futures ALERT Everyday In your Inbox by Clicking Here.


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Over the past five years MarketClub has provided a Premium Service to thousands of their members, giving them unique tools that have put them into winning trades, and also 'extracted' them from losing ones. Stock, Futures and Forex traders, from beginner to expert, get the edge they need to succeed from MarketClub.

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Here's a testimonial in the form of a recent email from a customer to the Market Club support team requesting an upgrade to his subscription:

"I subscribed last night for the quarterly rate of $150. I wish to convert to an annual rate of $449, as I've already covered this cost! Here's what I did thanks to you:
I sold 500 FNM short this AM @ 64.24 and just covered @ 61.72 for a profit
of $1255.
I got the mortgage meltdown concept from MarketClub when ABK was rated @
-100 and I applied the concept to FNM & FRE.
Also shorted HOG and bought TRE. I'll keep you posted!

To Success!
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Trading the Futures Market

Trading Futures

It's possible to make consistent profits by 'Day Trading' the Futures Market –whether it's going up or down...

Why work full time for a living when you can trade for a living? As an independent futures trader you get to call the shots. No employer, no troublesome employees; trade the hours that suit you; trade from almost anywhere in the world – with unlimited potential income. This really is a great business and the author is going to show you exactly how to get involved.

Learn how to trade futures successfully.


Options Trading

See our Options Trading Page

Without doubt, there's only one place to study options and that's at the Options University. Find out more about this and the October Workshop in San Francisco: