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Hypnosis well-being through self-help

Over the years, mystical or psychic powers, clairvoyance, the occult, delving into the 'spiritual world' and also hypnotism, hypnotists, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis regularly get 'unfavourable press'; sometimes just the mention of these topics draws scepticism, derision and claims of scam or fraud. However, in reality, learning how to use self-hypnotic techniques correctly can improve many aspects of one's life physically as well as mentally. But first, some common myths about hypnosis in general need dispelling.

However, it is important to be wary of those who make bold claims about their hypnotic cures for diseases like cancer, for instance. They are scam artists usually with no background in psychology or medicine, bringing a healthy, natural and legitimate form of treatment into disrepute.

Qualified professionals don't 'cure' anything; what they or the techniques they teach do is help you control how you behave or manage certain symptoms including pain. A typical hypnotic session might involve a live consultation or by self-hypnosis, listening privately to a recording of the hypnotist's voice, inducing you to think, for example, about one of your favourite places; you will be gently led through learning how to visualise that place when feelings of hurt or anxiety arise. At the end, you 'awake' from the experience feeling refreshed and re-energised and ready to tackle the problem you want to confront and banish.

Research confirms that 'mind-body' techniques can promote well-being and relieve, if not actually cure certain common conditions and ailments. It's also a fact that people have inexplicably recovered from life-threatening incurable diseases (including cancer) to the amazement of doctors and families. Can 'mind over matter' be that powerful? If it can be, then could the effects of self-hypnosis be playing a part? For many they do; it's even possible to become naturally attractive to women if you just let your mind do the work and not your body!

The key to open the door to your 'inner mind' or subconscious, whether through hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation, yoga or prayer is the ability to first relax your body completely before attempting to clear your mind of stressful thoughts. Surprisingly, many people who have a genuine desire to do this, have trouble in responding to certain types of stimulus such as listening to quiet music, a soothing voice, sound waves which enhance brain activity, induce sleep etc.

The best thing is to experiment with different types of program. You need to be able to achieve a state of relaxation and inner peace before you can respond to further suggestion, and you need to find a way that works for you.

Mark Tyrell UK HypnotherapistIf you're still unsure about hypnosis and self-hypnotic techniques and whether it's right for you, then ask your question without any obligation to Mark Tyrell, a leading British hypnotherapist; put any fears or apprehension you may have about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, to rest.

You can also take a short, free hypnosis course with Hypnosis Downloads.com, a British professional organisation, designing and supplying training and products for self-hypnosis and the administering of hypnotic techniques.

See the next page for an extensive list of their current titles and self improvement or development courses. You will be surprised to see how many conditions can be treated by self-hypnosisfor as little as $7.99 per title and all in the privacy of your own home.

Here are some recent titles:

True Self
How to Overcome Fear
See Your Future
Learn Like a Beginner

Losing a Pet - Kids
Improve Hypnotizability
Stop Jumping to Conclusions
Concentrate on One Thing
Get Writing!

Get Over Breakups
Husband with Aspergers
Post Vacation Blues
Long term saver
Stop Feeling You've Failed ...

Lose Your Fear of Travel
Act on your ideas
Stop compulsive hand washing
Dealing with narcissistic behaviour
Stay-at-home Mom
Stop attention-seeking
Drink less wine

If for any reason you would prefer to receive a CD, DVD or tape instead of downloading mp3 programs, some of which are quite large files, visit this page on the HypnosisDownloads.com site for their program collections.

Hypnosis Self Treatment Full Index

Visit the HypnosisDownloads.com web site, where you will not only learn more about this fascinating and useful self-help well-being treatment method, you can also try it out by taking a free 5 day audio hypnosis course.

Here is an example of one of their more comprehensive courses a unique world-first Hypnosis Training DVD complete hypnosis training in your own home!

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Personal growth through self hypnosis