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Updated March 2015

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2014 Tax-Free Retirement Overseas Made Easy 

While it's not ideal or even wise to base living your life in a country simply because of the tax benefits, the possibilities exist allowing you to combine these with a pleasant environment and lifestyle somewhere you actually want to live regardless of the financial advantages. The two agendas can converge. 

There are at least three countries that roll out the welcome mat, offering not only significant benefits for foreign or expatriate residents, including compelling tax advantages, but also making it easy for them to become permanent residents

That makes it possible for you to relocate to the 'Shangri-La' of your fondest dreams while simultaneously relieving yourself entirely of, or at least reducing your current tax burden, although this will depend to a degree on how and from where your income is sourced.

Retire Overseas 2013

Cheap, Safe and Friendly Retirement Havens 

There are places the world over, including Southeast Asia, where people are friendly, crime is almost non-existent, health and medical care is excellent, and prices for everything from homes to groceries and doctors' visits could make you think it's 1953 again instead of 2014! 

Places where it is possible to reduce your retirement cost of living, perhaps dramatically, while increasing the quality of your life. 

Read a series of 5 Country Retirement Reports that contain complete details on retirement opportunities in some of the world's top retirement havens right now at least one is in SE Asia.

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia is a sophisticated, modern city in an exotic, tropical country that boasts real-world infrastructure and all the trappings of a luxury life, available for a relative pittance.

"Malaysia is a tropical paradise," writes LIOS Correspondent Wendy Justice. "Beautiful islands and beaches, cool mountain retreats, great food, a diverse and multi-ethnic culture, excellent shopping, and a low cost of living...Malaysia has it all...

"Plus, the infrastructure and health care are modern and efficient. English is widely spoken. Entertainment ranges from street celebrations to casino gambling, from amusement parks to mountain climbing, from jungle trekking to championship level golf, and from Formula 1 racing to world music festivals and philharmonic orchestra productions. World-renowned diving and snorkelling destinations are never more than a few hours away."

Perhaps the best part is that Malaysia, unlike many countries in Asia, has thrown its doors wide open to foreign retirees and residents.

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How to retire overseas in 52 days