The Netpicks Universal Market Trader




  UMT DVD Set includes:
  DVD #1 -
Getting Started and Custom Indicators
  DVD #2 -
and Exits
  DVD #3 -
Taking Profits and Managing
  DVD #4 -
Live Trades in
Forex, Futures
  DVD #5 -
Live Trades in Stocks, ETFs
  DVD #6 -
Advanced Trading
  DVD #7 -
The Exclusive UMT Strategy Sessions
  A full color comprehensive manual with charts and examples etc
  Ongoing support,
members site (owners club) and forum
  Special bonuses



NetPicks first released the Universal Market Trader or Netpicks UMT in August last year. It replaced the previous Ultimate Trading Machine with a a completely different strategy, mainly the flexibility to trade in multiple markets and timeframes.

2018 Market Training from Netpicks

Seven Summits Trader Course & Trading System

What is the UMT FX Live Course?

UMT FX Live owners are given full access to the UMT Simple Plan Course & Strategy, meaning all the features and benefits that current UMT Simple owners enjoy such as comprehensive online video training, the Owners Club, Mastery Series weekly webinars, and access to the Netpicks Live Forex Training rooms.

In addition, they will also receive a multi-week set of webinar modules in which they will learn the strategy and build their foundation completely on forex markets. Netpicks will be teaching exact timeframes and currency pairs that perform the best with the UMT strategy. They'll see forex charts, learn forex-specific techniques, and have the ability to get all their questions answered live.

UMT FX Live members receive access to the new advanced tactics trading calculator (that identifies up to 80% of the setups for them) plus first access to a new software upgrade for MetaTrader 4. They will also be able to attend the brand new (began January 13) Forex Live Training Room on a daily basis.

UMT FX Live owners will be sent hard copy printed UMT training manuals, videos, and all of the recorded FX Live webinars for their future reference.

For those familiar with the Netpicks product line-up, it's similar to the Mentor Program but dedicated to forex training.

UMT FX Live Course


"For anyone who is new to trading, Netpicks the training is second to none. With quality videos and easy to follow instructional information the [Universal Market Trader] system is by far be the single most important guide and tool for gaining the needed confidence that is necessary to becoming a successful market trader. Having traded in many futures and index markets for over ten years it is the only system I have ever seen that is applicable and standardized to any market or time chart.

In short the UTM system is incredible; it can and should be used by anyone novice or pro to immediately add profitable new dimensions to their trading arsenal.  John Lewis, UTM Owner"

The original UMT course was subscription based which could be cancelled at any time, but you kept all the tools and training materials they received in a large box delivered to the door.
It contained:

  • 6 Full Length CD's that will play right in your computer, so you can watch and learn The Universal Market Trader strategy step by step, at your own pace.

  • Four Custom Indicators the heart of the system. Immensely powerful and universally optimized for all markets and timeframes. These will work right out of the box for you on Tradestation, eSignal, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, and Sierra Chart - no waiting around to get rolling!

  • The Universal Market Trader spiral bound manual and workbook. Succinct yet comprehensive with all charts in full colour for easy reference and great visuals.

  • Bonus CD #7 - "The Exclusive Strategy Sessions" This exclusive bonus DVD delves even deeper into the nuances of the strategy. Offering many real life examples this will help you supercharge your learning curve even faster!

  • A 2 Hour Get Started live conference call with professional traders and the system's developer, where you can ask your get started questions and learn learn learn!

  • Weekly Live Training - Each week they'll go over different relevant topics, come and ask all of your questions, meet other traders and learn direct from the developers themselves.


  • Ongoing Membership To The UMT's private membership site. Exchange information, chat live, hear special guest speakers, participate in forums, start your own groups, and much more.

  • A New Mastery Series module each month mailed directly to Your doorstep. The training never ends. You'll always be cutting edge, and ahead of the game with new advanced levels coming to you every month.

  • Ongoing support until you succeed and have mastered this system. They are there to answer your questions.

    And best of all in our opinion...

  • A methodology that will empower you to trade with confidence, security and faith you will succeed, as you become a far more flexible and dynamic trader than ever before.

UMT was introduced with a live webinar where details of the Universal Market Trader were released and prospective buyers' questions were answered.  They showed charts and trades across multiple markets, plus full details on what is included live interactive training, custom indicators, getting started tutorials and more.

Exceptional results have already been seen from the Netpicks Universal Market Trader, with more than 70% winners. UMT allows freedom to trade any market or time frame that you chose. For day traders, a session can be completed in about 90 minutes. Swing traders too can minimize their preparation time.

"Once I got the [Universal Market Trader] course the results I started achieving amazed me, and the turnaround was instantaneous. I was getting far more winners than losers. Also, one of the best parts was I was trading within 3 days of receiving the course, it's that simple to grasp!" R.C

"I can also swing trade and day trade, and I do not need to re-learn any rules for different timeframes or markets. Before, I needed different rules for swing trading and day trading, where as with this you can apply the same rules across all timeframes and markets. "

Background to The Universal Market Trader

The NetPicks Ultimate Trading Machine had its final release on 11th April, and as with all previous issues, every copy was sold within days. It was the last opportunity to become one of only 1,500 traders able to use the Ultimate Trading Machine. But the Universal Market Trader is even better.

Already reports are coming in that the Universal Market Trader is more than living up to the expectations of a select group of several hundred pro-active traders who have been given access to the system.

Here's comment from just one of the lucky 300 traders who have been using The Universal Market Trader for the past few months:

"I was looking for a system to give me simple rules to enter and exit the markets in a non subjective way...

I also needed a system that could identify when the markets were not only trending but reversing as well. The UMT provides this kind of flexibility, which is key. I now trade a variety of markets (stocks, bonds, index futures, and options) that I simply couldn't trade before, as I have tremendous flexibility.   

Another crucial part is that I can also swing trade and day trade...and I don't need to re-learn any rules for different timeframes or markets. Before I needed different rules for swing trading, and day trading, where as with this you can apply the same rules across all timeframes and markets.

Also having access to an owners club and being able to interact with other owners and users (which I've never had before) as well as receiving ongoing training really gives you that edge which makes the difference. I saw a dramatic improvement within the first 30 days of using the system, and I couldn't be happier."

Members also received this message from Anthony Trister of NetPicks:

Anyone who has traded before knows the hardest part is handling your emotions! Should I take this next trade, or skip it? How many times have you 'second guessed'  yourself, only to kick yourself for not taking a trade which turned out to be a winner. The guessing games are over. You'll always have a simple yet powerful rule set to follow, that doesn't change across all the markets you can trade!  

You learn the system, not the market! This concept is SO powerful. Once you have the system down it will make no difference what market you trade!  Easily navigate between forex, futures, commodities, stocks, whatever you chose! Plus, you only ever trade off one chart/timeframe at a time!

You will feel the power of the system the very first day you use it. Why? Because when you feel like almost every trade you take is going to win, it gives you power and confidence that will change the way you think about the markets

In my several years of trading, I think The Universal Market Trader Simple Plan is by far the most robust, flexible and powerful trading system I have ever seen.  Along with this, the winning percentage is without any doubt better than anything I have ever traded before. eisenvault made a real revolution in the industry. I'm confident you will agree as soon as you get your hands on it.

Some recent results from UMT Trades (more detail)

Russell e-Mini
+54.90 Points (+$5,490) with 71% winners

Dow e-Mini
+482 Points (+$2,410) with 66% winners

Dax Futures
+253 Points (over $8,200) with 65% winners

Crude Oil Futures
+$5.56 (+$5,560) with 62% winners

+87.50 Points (+$4,375) with 74% winners

UMT Ultimate Package