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Since Bill Poulos released his groundbreaking Quantum Swing Trader course, it has sold out four times already.

A key component of the QST course is the Profit Feeder service. This is a daily email that arrives after the market closes and delivers Bill's personal list of stocks that meet Quantum Swing Trader's uptrend and downtrend search criteria.

What this means it that the stocks on the Profit Feeder have a high probability of entering into potentially profitable long or short positions in the upcoming days.

Previously only Quantum Swing Trader students were given access to this service. However, because it's possible to use any swing trading method with the Profit Feeder stocks, just 200 traders will be able to try it out for 30 days – for $1!

So if you have a swing trading method that you're currently using, or if you just would like to know which stocks are poised on the brink of a potential massive market move, then check out the Profit Feeder today. You can learn more by watching a short video that reveals how this service can help your trading efforts.

Instant Profits with Bill Poulos

Bill Poulos and the Instant Profits stock trading system.

The Lesson Of Money Management

The heart and soul of Instant Profits, and any other successful trading system, is a tight money management discipline.  Bill Poulos repeats what we have heard many times before...do not risk more than 2% of your account on any one trade. That fundamental rule is the starting point for determining position sizing.

You must also be disciplined when closing positions.  Losing positions can not be allowed to erode your gains. 

Too often traders stay in losing positions "hoping" that the stock market will reverse course or simply rationalizing that they need to give the position more time to become profitable.  It is far better to close positions that have moved against you and move on to the next trade.

Not only must you be disciplined when dealing with losing positions, but you must employ that same coolness with your winners.  Develop a method for taking profits. 

Once you have developed and tested your method of profit taking, do not allow yourself to deviate.  Too often we allow ourselves to fear possible further upside.  While we hold onto a profitable position, we risk losing those profits in a market reversal.

As you survey various trading systems, question whether money management is being properly employed.  Too often it is not.  Strong money management is the holy grail.  Develop the discipline and employ it in your trading.

Trading System Design & Refinement

Bill Poulos began as a trader, not unlike many of us.  What separates him from others is the fact that he has learned the hard lessons and has developed the discipline that is necessary to be profitable on a sustained basis.  

Once he realized that the losing trades are inevitable, it allowed him to focus upon designing a system that would permit him to trade the markets effectively.  Every trading system begins with a hypothesis, which must then be tested and confirmed using historical data.  Skipping this step is dangerous, because you are entering the market without a reasonable expectation of what to expect in terms of profitability.  

Once you have tested and refined your system, it is then possible to enter the market with realistic expectations.  It is when we begin modifying our systems without first testing the changes that we risk unknown dangers.

Methodical system testing is a necessary part to successful system design.

Using Stock Options With Instant Profits

The first advice provided by Mr. Poulos is that anyone who is not well educated concerning stock options should not even think about trading them.  It all begins with education.  That education can be derived from self-study of various texts, home study courses, or live seminars.  

Bill Poulos and Instant Profits Stock and Option Trading SystemIf trading daily charts with Instant Profits, you would do well to focus upon the simple purchase in-the-money calls for bullish trades and puts for bearish positions.  Look for a delta of .70 or .80, so that your option closely follows the stock's price movement.

Most trades last seven to eight bars, which provides little opportunity for out-of-the-money contracts to appreciate absent abnormally large price moves.  Spreads will also suffer from the short time frame.

Trading weekly bars expands the time frame considerably.  This expanded time frame makes the use of out-of-the-money contracts a more viable strategy, especially with high beta stocks. 

Advanced option strategies, such as spreads, not only become more viable with an extended time frame but may also become necessary considerations when evaluating risks in addition to adverse price movement of the underlying stock.  Such risks may include collapsing volatility and theta decay.

Quantum Swing Trader Testimonials

Quantum Swing TraderI knew it was time to consider opening up Quantum Swing Trader to another group of students when my "charter" students started writing in with their life-changing testimonials. At first, a few testimonials trickled in, but then an unstoppable avalanche of success stories started to appear in my inbox. It was really amazing. My charter group of students really poured their hearts out to me.

Are you ready? Here are just a few of these comments. WARNING: There are a LOT of them, so you'll need to scroll down quite a ways to see them all. After you view them, I'll tell you how you can become one of the next group of traders to get your own copy of Quantum Swing Trader, so keep reading.


"Thank you for putting together a complete course that details every aspect of the method. So many courses these days do not give you all the information needed to successfully trade, but your does! My first trade in STLD has paid for the course! Thanks!"

Eric Grunewald*
Wasau, WI

"Thank you for a great product. I have paper traded every stock listed on the Profit Feeder since March 3rd and have actually traded some of the stocks myself with great results. 73% of stocks that hit the trigger price have been successful with the 3% profit target and have become 'free trades'. Keep up the good work!"

Greg Winch*
Phoenix, AZ

"Because I was tired of ending up as roadkill on the investing highway, I invested in Quantum Swing Trader. Thanks for putting the program together, Bill. The course is quite simple and the method is clearly explained. So much so, that after a short practice period, I have been enjoying profitable trades right from the start. Losers? Occasionally, but they've been small and far outweighed by the many profitable winners."

Tom G*
Houston, TX

"What a great trading tool! Easy to master and use effectively, and most of all, it really makes sense. No secret formulas or hidden services that we're dependent on. Just a clear, concise and methodical method for success. Thanks again!"

Lee Zaretsky*
Austin, TX

"I understood the course very well. I have had VERY good stock trading so far using your method. I had been trading stocks for 3 months before buying your course with mixed success and only a little profit... I was really floundering! Then, I bought your course and technical trading started to make sense. Before actually trading with your method, I followed a few stocks from the Profit Feeder on paper using the Acharta charts. If my paper trades had been actual trades I would have made money. So I went ahead and made a few real trades (7). I closed out the first step of 5 of them for a 3% profit in each case. This is a much better record than I had before!!! My compliments to you on a GREAT course!"

Marge M*
Haverhill, MA

"Thank you, Bill, for your customer support. Having an ongoing resource to answer real-world questions is invaluable. Both my initial virtual and live trading have produced positive results and your ‘scale out’ strategy has given me the confidence to commit more funds to the Quantum Swing Trader method. It is truly a superior risk management technique and your emphasis on discipline makes all the difference between success and failure. I look forward to your continuing insights and enhancements that will only improve the results. You, no we, have got a winner!"

Gary King*
Cape Coral, FL

"This is one of the most complete trading courses I have seen. It outlines step-by-step the trading criteria with tons of examples. The Profit Trader access was invaluable in helping me improve my skills in recognizing trade setups."

Lori S*
Honolulu, HI

"The most important lesson I learned from experiences is to control the trading risks and Quantum Swing Trader offers the answer – ‘free trade’ money management. ‘Free trade’ money management... reduces my potential losses by 90% to 95%!"

H. Liao*
Belle Mead, NJ

"Bill Poulos provides 'meat and potatoes' courses that, if diligently applied, produce results. I own two of Bill's courses -- Instant Profits and Quantum Swing Trader. Neither are 'get rich quick' schemes, but both produce positive results. But what I appreciate most about Bill's courses is the constant support after purchase to ENSURE that all course materials are fully understood and properly applied. All of my emails have been promptly and thoroughly answered. Profits Run courses are definitely value for the money."

Peter D*
Montreal, Canada

"Excellent job on your course! I've spent (literally) thousands of dollars on other courses, software, books, and subscription services - you name it. Your course is by far the best, easiest to understand/implement, and the most complete I've come across. I've back-tested it on some equities and it is truly impressive. The beauty of the course is in its 'simple and direct approach' to technical trading. You present your student with everything from how to get in, limit risk, reverse on a trade, and ultimately take profits."

Alex A.*
Tampa, FL

"Quantum Swing Trader gives workable criteria and search parameters for pin-pointing appropriate stocks for trading more successfully. One can eliminate the expensive offers by so-called experts to spoon-feed stock choices that usually don't work. This also saves thousands of dollars of wasted money for such services. Quantum Swing Trader certainly helps one learn to ‘think for oneself’."

Russ Brenneman*
Muskogee, OK

"Quantum Swing Trader (QST) has not only helped me to increase my wins, but I am now more disciplined in my trading approach and have become more confident! I am impressed with this simple yet powerful approach to trading. QST is working well for me! It has become my primary trading method. Recent picks ACI, PCU and FD have done and are doing very well. It almost seems like you can feel a good trade coming on. Your hard work is helping a lot of traders and it is appreciated much. Since QST makes more money for me than total losses, I didn't even feel bad about getting stopped out twice recently. The cost of the method is outweighed by the reliability of the method. Thanks Bill and Greg!"

Neal Morris*

"Thanks for your Quantum Swing Trader - so simple but effective. It helps me in my options trading. Keep up the good work."

Sydney, Australia

"Congratulations Bill and Greg with the very useful and powerful Quantum Swing Trader course. It helps me in my belief that stock trading can be profitable. The knowledge that there is a skillful team to support me gives me all the confidence to go into the market."

Tom Oltmans*
Huizen, Netherlands

"I have been looking for an easy to understand and easy to implement method for quite some time now, but have not found any as simple and effective as Quantum Swing Trader. The most important aspect I think is to be able to fully understand why I'm getting in to a trade and when I should get out, and this method explains it all."

Martin Goodall*
Manchester, United Kingdom

"I've been using Quantum Swing Trader for about two weeks and have had some nice short trades work out for me. In the past I have only tried shorting stocks a few times and just have lacked the confidence to continue doing it. I have a trade that I started out as a short, SUN, that I had stop me out and I reversed as per Quantum Swing Trader rules and I am out of my first 1/3 going long and have a nice profit and have moved up another 1/3 of my stops that will give me further profits. I would have never attempted trying to reverse a position without your Quantum Swing Trader program. Bill and Greg, thank you very much!!!"

Steve Lyon*
Fort Myers, FL

"Quantum Swing Trader seems to be a very good method and also seems to be consistent. And you are right - once all of the pieces are put together the work is done and it is nice to be able to just fire up the computer and do 8 quick searches each night and produce some very good prospects."

M. Richards*
Santa Fe, TX

"Quantum Swing Trader has been a wonderful way to discipline myself to take profits before my winners turn into a loss. Very good and very user friendly method. I'm already in 2 profitable trades early (met the first profit target) and entered a third trade with options today which is looking good so far. All the course material was explained very well, so thank you."

Salt Lake City, UT

"Quantum Swing Trader has been fantastic. I've worked with numerous models and studied many others; however, this is truly the best. I particularly like the discipline that it stresses. I have already learned to keep my hands off the keys until it's time to do so. Before I started trading with the Quantum Swing Trader model, I looked at a lot of charts to validate the accuracy of your model.... and it works.... so often that it's a no-brainer!!!! Thank you."

Harry Steinberg*
Potomac, MD

"Quantum Swing Trader is a practical, commonsense, no-nonsense approach and I am delighted with my decision to sign up. I am very optimistic that I will do well with this. Thank you."

Ken Acton*
United Kingdom

"Thank you Bill and Greg and to the Quantum Swing Trader team. Being a novice in stock trading, it's very encouraging the way you honestly try to help your students. With all the 'holy grail' offers out there, it's hard to earn an honest buck (especially in the stock market). I feel that you are one of the sincere people who could really help individuals like me. Keep up the good work and more power to all of you."

Carlos Pagkalinawan*
Burbank, CA

"I received your course on the 28th (Tuesday) and started trading the Quantum Swing Trader way today (Thursday). You may think I jumped the gun, but I read and listened to all materials and felt that I was ready. I've been trading since last July and although I've made lots of money, I've not been able to hold on to it for all the reasons you cited in your materials. Your website preview material not only convinced me to buy your course, but it changed my trading habits so much so that in the week and a half that it took for your course to arrive, I made about $8,500 just using the techniques I was able to glean from your trade videos! I'm very much impressed with your course, nice work!

P.S. Since e-mailing you around the 1st of April, I've added another $10,000 to the original $8,500."

John Flanagan*
Pewaukee, WI

"The Quantum Swing Trader package made a good impression just looking at it. Everything is professionally done, and one feels one gets value for the money. I am on the third CD already and although I have been trading for 8 years now making good money without any system except going with the trends, I must say you are doing a first class job demonstrating and explaining your method. Here I am 75 soon and excited to learn something new. If my son ever gets laid off or my grandkids want to have income on the side here is a method to start a beginner and set him right away on the right path. Like you, I have spent thousands of dollars for trading systems and software and books, but all one actually needs is a method like yours and to follow it through. I am very happy with what you are offering the investment community. Thanks for all your effort."

Wolfgang Kredt*
British Columbia, Canada

"Quantum Swing Trader is excellent. Truly excellent and wonderful value for money. I've been trading for many years but your method is just what I've been looking for - simple, effective, and easy to comprehend and follow and takes very little time to put into practice. I particularly liked your presentation, the professional video and hard copies, and also the fact that you provided many examples. Well done and thank you once again."

Roger Carpenter*
United Kingdom

"Just wanted to say that Quantum Swing Trader is awesome. I have tracked LVS from 49.97 all the way to 67 in 3 weeks. I already know options and with your Quantum Swing Trader course it is only a matter of time before I am financially free and can do my trading full time on a part time basis (hope that makes sense). I then look forward to being of assistance to you and your students as I will have so much free time. Let me know if you will need any help. Keep up the good work and I shall speak to you soon."

Mr. Mahomed*
United Kingdom

"Great method! I can't thank you enough for putting together such a comprehensive trading plan. The educational materials are excellent both in the information that you impart and the presentation. This will add much needed discipline to my trading."

Kurt Blasser*
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Hi Bill, great course. You've obviously put in a lot of time and effort on the course, and the graphics and illustrations are superb."

Richard Dunlop*

"I absolutely love this method. Your personalized service really reinforces that my decision to buy the Quantum Swing Trader (QST) course was the right one. I have begun studying in earnest. I have reviewed the first six CDs, and viewed CD #4 - Trading Rules twice. I am getting more at ease with the method, and have begun paper trading my favorite stocks with amazing success. Bill is absolutely right when he says this method is powerful!! I want to take the opportunity to express my great satisfaction with the course materials. Obviously a lot of work has gone into this course to make it as clear as possible. The methodology, coupled with sound money management, is VERY exciting. I also very much appreciate the added bonuses that Bill has thrown in with the course. The Acharta.com membership is great. Best of all is the two month free membership to Bill's Profit Feeder service. I am finding this extremely helpful while learning the method. In summary, I am very pleased with my course materials, added bonuses, and the personalized service from Profits Run. I have been trading for a long time now, but with only mediocre results. I have really been missing a robust trading method in my arsenal. QST is the second course that I have purchased from Profits Run, and I am very satisfied. Bill is ABSOLUTELY right, and I have learned this from experience, that a trader MUST invest in his education to be successful. And your site provides honest education with follow up service. Sorry for the long e-mail, but thank you for this great course."

Pierre Demers*
Quebec, Canada

"Thanks so much for your prompt replies and support. I must say that your advice and instructions on Quantum Swing Trader (QST) are AMAZING! These are the kind of rules and guidelines that a trader has to be educated on and I'm really glad for taking on your training package. No regrets! It's sad that this was not available earlier, as I would not have lost the portion of my capital as I have now through other methods and training programmes. This is the first time I am strictly following rules and I intend to, because my trades make sense and give me the reason to follow such rules!! My paper trades are already showing positives and I am into free trades after liquidating one third of some of the positions for the 3% profits. It's just 2 weeks now and the excitement I get when I look into my trades is overwhelming. So it's gonna be another 2 months of paper trades for me and hopefully I will be geared up with confidence and without emotions to do the real thing, mechanically. Looking forward to report to you of further success. Thank you and best regards."

A M Kaz*

"I've started studying Quantum Swing Trader and I love it. You have given me the hope and confidence I need to trade well. I am having more winning trades, even though it's not real money as yet. I know that I will perform better once I complete your Quantum Swing Trading course. Keep up the great work, Bill, and hope to meet you at one of your seminars in the near future. Send my regards to Greg. Cheers."

Sam Singh*
Bangkok, Thailand

"I don't know why, but from the first time I learned to know more about you, I felt like you could be my father teaching me a precious way to
gain my living in another way than going to work every day
. I realize very well that this way of gaining my life will also ask a lot of discipline, what I am not afraid of anyway. I will go on with it anyway and hope to learn to master your way of trading as soon as possible."

Patrick Gouwy*

"Congratulations. Your Quantum Swing Trader course is great and in my paper trading I got an excellent performance. Thanks, Bill. I train every day!!"

Heinz Lenhard*

"I was so excited to get Quantum Swing Trader (QST) and now that I have started going through the course I can see why you are so excited about it. The CD-ROMs have made it easy for me to understand what an amazing technique QST is!! I can already see the potential it has IF FOLLOWED correctly!! Until recently, I have had a hard time letting go of my losses and now that I am able to let go (without regrets), I am looking forward to being able to short the market, which I have always wanted to do, but have been afraid of until now as I was not sure what indicators, etc. to use. The great thing about your course is that with the CD-ROMs it is like a classroom situation. However, unlike a classroom situation, I can go over and over the parts that I do not fully comprehend the first time. I have been using your workbook along with the tutorials and last night I had a real 'light bulb' moment where everything just fell into place so I went over the charts that I have been watching and could easily see QST in action. I know that I have gone on and on about QST, however I am so excited about this that I wanted you to know. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and making QST so user friendly!! Congratulations to you and Greg!"

Vickianne Martin*

*No representation is being made that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures, forex, stocks, and options. Only risk capital should be used.



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