Bill Poulos makes a limited offer of QST
This month, more copies of 30+ year veteran trader Bill Poulos' Quantum Swing Trader
course have been released to the trading community.

This is the same course that's already sold out 3 times this year, and a further limited
release is sure to follow this pattern.

Bill's website has received over 20,000 visits in the past few weeks since he first leaked
word of this re-release. So to help traders make an informed decision on this groundbreaking
new course, Bill is tearing open the "digital doors" to his exclusive Members Website Preview
for Quantum Swing Trader.

You can access it here: http://www.profitsrun.com/z/?i=346086&l=q35


Try Bill's Profit Feeder for $1 for 30 days.

Using The Quantum Swing Trader Profit Feeder

The Quantum Swing Trader
Profit Feeder is a service that provides a personal
list of stocks that meet the Quantum Swing Trader Uptrend or Downtrend Search
Criteria, and have a high probability of entering into potentially profitable trades
the following day(s). Selected stocks meet my proprietary “High Beta” formula
that is aimed at identifying those markets that may have the highest potential to
move in the shortest time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not stock picks nor stock recommendations!

You MUST apply a good trading method, such as Quantum Swing Trader,
including specific entry and exit rules to a Profit Feeder stock to determine if a
trade should be considered. Also, you do not need to trade all of the Profit Feeder
stocks, nor should you. There's no need to place more than a few trades on any
given day and my recommendation is when you get to 6 open positions, don't add
any more trades until one of them is closed out.

Daily Routine
Each day after the market closes, the Quantum Swing Trader (QST) Profit
Feeder Search Criteria is applied to the 8,000+ actively traded U. S. stocks.

Only those stocks that are setting up for a potentially high probability swing
will qualify for selection.
Uptrend stocks that are selected must be correcting down into a strong well
defined support area and downtrend stocks that are selected must be rallying up
to a strong well defined resistance area using QST technical analysis.
These selected stocks are then listed on the Profit Feeder member’s website for
your consideration (and delivered to you via email).

In order to actually enter into a trade, you must apply your trading method
entry rules
to confirm that a long or short trade is warranted, and if so, what the
specific entry point should be and the corresponding stop loss point. Also, once
in a trade, your trading method must have specific rules on how to exit the trade
profitably. As soon as a selected uptrend stock rallies off of support or a selected
downtrend stock drops from a resistance level, it will no longer be listed on the
Profit Feeder the following day(s), as the prime entry level will have passed. But
you should remain in the trade as long as your trading method dictates.

While the Profit Feeder selected stocks are excellent swing trading candidates,
not all selected uptrend stocks will find support nor will all downtrend selected
stocks find resistance. That is why you must apply your trading method to these
stocks to trigger an entry order. In other words, you should only trade those
stocks that meet your entry trading rules.

Special note: If you are in a long position and the Profit Feeder subsequently lists
your stock as a downtrend short sell candidate, be sure to tighten up your stops
as a reversal could be in the making.

Market Assessment Guidelines
This is a particularly exciting method to determine whether or not the general
market is in a bull or bear run or a choppy sideways affair. With this knowledge
the astute trader will have predominantly long positions on in a bull run, hedged
with a short position, and predominantly short positions on in a bear run, again
hedged with a long position. And in a sideways market, I believe it is best to have
an even mix of longs and shorts but to cut back on position size and the number
of positions. The method I use to determine the general market trend is
stunningly simple, but powerful, and completely objective leaving no room for
interpretation. So with this method you will always know the trend of the current
market. This method is better than anything I have ever seen, better than any
analysts prediction or various media forecasts or other technical methods.

So here it is:

Using the S&P 500 Index, plot the 200 and 50 day Moving Averages.

When both averages are up, consider the market to be in a bull run.
When both averages are down, consider the market to be in a bear run.

If one average is up and the other down, consider the market to be in a mixed
sideways pattern. If you go back and look at historical charts using this method,
you will see how effective it has been in identifying the predominant market

Armed with the simple but powerful method of QST Profit Feeder, you will have a
huge advantage in your trading activities as you will no longer have to try to sort
out through subjective means where the market is likely to go. You simply apply the
method as outlined above and adjust your trading tactics accordingly.

Good Trading,

Bill Poulos

P.S. Try my Profit Feeder for a dollar – for 30 days.