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The Netpicks Ultimate Trading Machine is no longer on sale to new customers, as later this month NetPicks will release their new product to a limited number of traders. The Ultimate Swing Trader or Netpicks UST is already promising to be even better than the UTM.

You can get a video overview, see real trades and download a free ebook showing you how to optimize your trades in 30 minutes the basic concept of the NetPicks Universal Market Trader. Trade ALL the financial markets in any time frame you choose, and spend a minimum amount of time daily doing it.

The NetPicks Universal Market Trader

Customer testimonials for the NetPicks Ultimate Trading Machine

These are taken from emails that Netpicks has received and are shown 'verbatim', including misspellings etc. Testimonials for the Universal Market Trader are already rolling in too. See some here. Otherwise read on...

I have been trading since August of 2005. I have invested over $8000 in training during this
time. I have increased the profits of other traders by losing trades to the tune of over
$8,000 as well. With that said, I'm still here - still believe the Forex is an unbelievably
wonderful opportunity to create an income stream that will allow me to fulfill my purpose.
The UTM has been THE BEST methodology I have ever used. The education I received was
excellent and is ongoing but requires a large amount of time daily to 'mark up' my charts
and watch the market for potential setups. The UTM methodology reduces this time
drastically. Over the past four weeks, I have made consistent positive pips. I have traded
the European market around 3am (CST) on several occasions reaping 10 to 30 pips - all
this within 15 to 20 minutes. I have also found the UTM methodology to be effective during
non-event times as long as their is price activity - these times generally occur during key
market openings.
Thank you, NetPicks, for your generosity - you were generous enough to share with the
rest of us a simple, useable, and effective method of scalping pips consistently from the

Hey Guys!!
I've got to be one of your biggest fans!
Thanks again for sharing this methodology - I made 12 pips on the GBP/USD this
morning. I could have made at least 21 had I followed your strategy to exit but I
decided to take my profit early - thanks again.

Hello Mark, Anthony, et al . . .
I cannot tell you how excited I am - this is my fifth week employing the UTM methodology -
today, at 5:45pm (CST), the methodology kept me out of the NZD trade, but then, about 3
minutes into the next 15 minute candle, all the indicator lined up and I got in - another 10
pips to the positive!!! My biggest struggle is TRUST. If I would have trusted the indicators,
I would have made an additional 20 pips. It feels so great to be complaining about not
making as many pips as I could have as opposed to complaining about how much I've

i have some very good news to share with all UTM members. I spent many days
calculating just the 15/5 Strategy from June 1st to July 17th (approx 6 weeks of continuous
trading). The results are amazing:
Out of 30 days of trading, 26 days were winning days, only 4 lost.
That's a 87% win ratio !!
Total net pts. of profit = 83.
Win/Loss Ratio = 34200 / 12648 = 3.7
Maximum losing days sequentially: 2.
These are AMAZING results. I had to prove this with real data from esignal before I started
trading with real money! This works!!!
I hope you can share this email with all UTM members. I didn't know whether I should post
it directly to the e-mini forum. These calcs. are my interpretation of UTM.
You are so sweet to stay with me on this thing!!!!
Yes, that does help !!! I think I have it now ... actually, the video for yesterday, as you said,
helped alot. I wrote it all down and will memorize it so I don't keep bothering you !!!
Also, there was a thread a few minutes ago that I printed out and helps, too.
Forgive me, please, for taking so much of your time ..... I love UTM and just want to really
be good at it.
Have a wonderful weekend,

But your UTM is saving my bacon on the days ( which is most of them since
the market spends only about 15-20 % of the time trending and the other
75-80% condusive to the UTM method) where that doesn't work as well - which
is why I was looking for exactly your method.

First of all I'd like to say that your UTM strategy works. I paper traded it until I was
comfortable with it and then went live. I've made my ROI and then thank you for
the opportunity.

Thanks for your help and I do want to say that I think you guys are a class act. I've been
very impressed with the quality of the training materials, this site and your commitment to
UTM. I'm very happy with the investment I made in the system.

I recently submitted an inguiry concerning the UTM as I was a bit skeptical of the validity
of the system. This morning, 9/11/2006, I just closed a trade that captured 30 pips thanks
th the UTM. I used a 3, 5, and 15 minute chart together and they had lined up perfectly. I
waited a bit longer, 7:59 mountain time, to enter the trade since the GBP/USD was near a
strong support point. The UTM plainly showed the end of the trading range before the
price had broken out of it and actually showed an entry 8 pips before I entered the trade.
Kudos for an excellent system!

I used your system on forex last week Thu/Fri. Thu made a trade when you did not find
any. Made a little Money. Then I traded the NFP on Fri. I had a good profit but waited too
long to exit. Good learning exp. Then this week, I decided to focus on E-Russell. Traded
three days in a row now. Three big winning days. I am keeping annotated charts for each
day. Yesterday was +4.3 pts. (Amazing)! It would be great if you guys can get a blog or
area set up where we can discuss trades and post our results.
Also, I am wondering when you will come out with a Swing trading system for Forex and
for E-mini's. I would really like to trade on a longer-term basis like 1-3 days.
Thanks! I believe this system is a winner!

Thank you for the bonus 15-5 system. I am having fun backtesting it this weekend. I have
designed a NinjaTrader strategy that employs gradually increased stops, like you do, and
then the final one is a trailing stop. I have tested about 50 days so far, only the mornings,
and seem to be averaging around 2.0 points per morning with the Russell. Other than
keeping an eye out for a 15 min reversal, which would manually override the Trailing stop,
it is a very easy way to trade.

Hi Anthony,
I would like to extend my thanks as i have recieved the UTM and i am satisfied with the
material so i would once again like to thank you for your quick response and concern
regarding my situation. i hope to keep in touch for the long run and be a part of your team.

I have to tell you, that in my opinion, this program is amazing on the Russell. IThe Russell
had great trades today. It's nice to finally see a decent program on the market after all the
"crap" that is available.
Regards, Mike

I thank you for all of your help
The owners site looks great and the daily videos are wonderful

I must truly say that your continously "hand holding" and positive support through the
CDs has been of tremousdous help to someone who really took a beating on managed
accounts and trading on my own. After a 2 year break, I look forward to slowly trying
things out again.

Today, I traded (without news events) using the UTM methodology. I really enjoy this
technique. I can look at several different currency pairs and quickly determine which is
setting up for a possible trade.
I made 4 pips on USD/CHF, 12 pips on EUR/USD, and 3 pips on USD/CAD for a total of 19
pips for the day.

First of all I want to thank you for the excellent trading system, I've been paper trading it
and I really love it. It is simple but very powerfull.

I just executed my first live trade using UTM -- The JPY CPI report Thursday evening (Aug.
24 US time). Made 19 PIPs using InterbankFX with 15, 5 and ** 3 minute ** charts. The 3
minute chart is a kludge I have used before for other indicators when the desired
resolution was not available.

Continued thanks to you for your great training.

I am an UTM purchaser and I only recieved the package on Monday. I must say that it is
pretty impressive.

Thank you for UTM,
All I can say about it , VOW. I have seen nothing like it. I have been trading for last 3 years
and have spent thousands of Dollars on books, systems and seminars,nothing come
closer to UTM. Once again Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I'm very pleased and encouraged with the excellent results so far from using the UTM
system. I paper traded last week and started taking actual trades Monday.

Hi Anthony !
First day of live trading and caught first full target...!
Got in on the 10.09 3 minute buy confirmation ..
thanx for your help..!

Thank you for your communication.
I am already a very pleased owner of the UTM course and have to say that your
course and library of UTM videos taking one through the trades, (with extra
insights to the methodology) are second to none, and to be highly commended.
John G.

We love the success we are having with UTM.
The training last week was excellent.
Thanks Elizabeth H.

I was on the training call to day and really enjoyed it. Thanks
Billy F.
The happy owner of the UTM

The Subject says it all. Thanks for the great daily videos, they are worth their weight in

Dear UTM,
I have bragged so much about the UTM that my two sons and brother are most interested
in the strategies.
Chris E.

am just using 1 right now, but as the results have been consistant, I am thinking
about using a maximum rule of 5 contracts...BTW - loving the UTM, nice work!
Richard :D

PS You guys are doing great! Finally something that really works as advertised.

Just to let you know that after using the Ultimate Trading Machine since the beginning, I
have to tell you that it is by far the easiest program I've ever traded.
Mike "Trader"

The NetPicks Ultimate Trading Machine is fully subscribed but The Ultimate Swing Trader is on limited sale and you can preview it right now.