Vitacost Joint Health Solutions:
  • NSI Glucosamine & Chondroitin – Available in multiple formulations

    Capsules, tablets, vegetarian capsules, combination formulas with MSM.
    Many different choices for you to experience the benefits of these powerful supplements.

    The body uses glucosamine sulfate, a natural compound, to stimulate cells to create one of the main building blocks of joint cartilage – proteoglycans. Chondroitin sulfate attracts and holds large amounts of water to the cartilage-building proteoglycan molecules. Since cartilage has no blood supply, this fluid is necessary to nourish and lubricate joints.

    MSM is a sulphur-containing molecule found in various plants and some body tissues. It is a natural and efficient source of the sulphur that is used by many of the body's structural molecules, including joint cartilage.

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  • NSI MicroLactin™ and NSI JointActin MicroLactin

    While there are many effective joint care supplements, MicroLactin, a natural nutrient derived from milk proteins, has been found to provide a higher level of benefits. This results in faster and more effective levels of joint health and function. This nutrient may also offer benefits for cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as well as for athletic performance and intestinal health.

    NSI MicroLactin and NSI JointActin MicroLactin are well tolerated and are 90% lactose-free.

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