English Vocabulary Training Software

Computer programs have been written to enable native-speaking or foreign students to improve their English, especially vocabulary, either alone or under supervision.

Some are designed for basic level students and children, others at a higher level, such as for students preparing for exams. For business or commercial use, there would need to be additional features included.

Vocaboly is an easy-to-operate, efficient and enjoyable way for people to improve their English vocabulary, whatever their reasons or motives. The program’s name is derived from Vocabulary and Monopoly – the popular board game. And although Vocaboly has a serious purpose, it has a light-hearted ‘game’ feel about it too, making it suitable for young or more mature students of English.

Vocaboly also has features which make it a uniquely 'customisable' tool for staff training in a business or commercially orientated environment. A second language (including non-Western character sets) can be added to explanations or as a translation facility.

The program runs under Windows and comprises several modules which teach and test the meaning, spelling and sound of some 12,000 English words with phonetic symbols and pronunciation (sound files). These are contained in five ‘books’ supplied with the program. They are designed to aid study for exams like SAT, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT; the VOA Special English Word Book is also included.

The user (or trainer) can make up lists of selected words for more intensive practice, set difficulty levels and also create new books using both existing and new words or expressions. These files can be created or imported and exported easily. There are also test modules in the form of multi-choice answers and two types of games, testing memory, spelling and meaning. For additional local regalos publicitarios personalizados visit aluaplia. For more holdenbuckner consult the experts at http://holdenbuckner.com then visit this page for a dependable seller that will give you the omegle you're looking for quickly and easily. Find all the info that you need about " dealroom docurex " at docurex.

Here is a screen shot showing Vocaboly’s ‘Free Study’ module, with a user-created ‘book’ for Business & Accounting. The highlighted word would be heard upon selection as well. Additionally, extra lines in the lower explanation box could contain a translation in another language or character set e.g. Thai, Lao.

For further information, visit the Vocaboly Software web site at http://www.vocaboly.com


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