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Updated July 2020

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Ways to earn income without a web site

 Many people do not have the time or energy to learn about web site creation and marketing and the whole idea of this may be beyond some people's capabilities or desires. There are alternatives that are easier to learn, and also involve less time, expense or effort. Here is an excellent one.

eBay Online Auctions and Direct Sales

Money is made every day by the many people who sell only on eBay. There is no end to the range of physical products, software and e-books that change hands daily by this method. You only need to do a search on Google, Yahoo, MSN and include 'ebay' in it.

Here's just one example: there is for some inexplicable reason, world-wide interest, even fascination, for frogs. Searching on 'ebay frogs' will bring up millions of references and pages of links to 'frog sites'. Live frogs, dead frogs, frog ornaments, dolls, jewellery, garden sculptures, t-shirts and frog mugs. These, in case you didn't realise, range in price from $10 to $625 for an 1880 antique! People love collecting 'frog-ernalia'! They buy frogs and sell frogs every day on eBay. So could you; frogs or anything else that takes your fancy.

The point is that anyone can bid for, buy (and sell or re-sell) anything for a profit on eBay.

It's easy to get free information on how to sell on eBay (firstly from eBay themselves), but there are secrets that eBay doesn't give away because it could cost them money.  You can also spend money trying to learn from books about eBay, of which you can see there are hundreds. But which ones are any good?

Most of them give you snippets of information. When investing in physical precious metals,it is important to look for a trustworthy dealer with whom to do business.Finding a reputable company is necessary if you want to avoid being ripped off your hard earned savings.Reading online reviews like

More Ideas for Retirement with an Internet Income

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